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Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Tutorial: Creating Digital Cinema

Here's a new tutorial on simulating in-camera lens effects to seemingly enhance production value, similar to the Magic Bullet Looks software. Here's the description from Creative Cow:

In this video tutorial, Creative Cow contributing editor Grant Swanson will explain how to simulate many elements to enhance your DV footage. Many techniques in this tutorial will show how to create effects similar to those in a popular software package.


Trav said...

Hey there Grant!

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the informative tutorials! You're helping people battle against the evil forces of bad footage and unimaginative compositions!

keep it up!

Travis Roop

Patolinx! said...

Thanks man!
Keep up the good work!

Pizza rolls said...

So about the "detail" and "Gamma" on your camera. Do you know what they would be called on a Cannon GL2 and a JVC HD100U?

Thanks for the tutorial!

Ethan said...

Nice work Grant, keep it up.


Alfonso said...

Thanks for your tutorial!

Also, do you think decreasing saturation a bit will help improve the cine-look?

Adam said...

I Give you props for trying to help people but i think you need to do some more learing or try and be a little more creative i see potential but these tutorials are just like all other tutorials try something new dont quite im just giving constructive criticism. If you havent already check out videocopilot Andrew really helped get all this started and has alot of experience. keep doing it though youll get there. o and be your self try not to be so bland.

ben said...

Dont listen to this guy. I think your doing a great job and showing some interesting things. And when it comes to good After Effects all we really have is Andrew, Aharon and a few scattered here and there by various people. But good ones are hard 2 find. You have shown me some interesting things in AF and what to do when you shoot. I say even if you learn one new thing from any tutorial, it was worth it. Keep up the good work.

Adam said...

You know you right sorry i was i a bad mood it really about the big picture and you really know your technical stuff and how things work. keep doing your thing.

Grant Swanson said...

Alfonso -

It all depends on what look you're going for, but while shooting I would not recommend turning down the saturation, since you can always do it in post. And with that in mind, it's much easier to remove saturation during post production than it is to add it.

So I'd leave saturation at the default of the Cine_Like_D mode or equivalent.


Ben said...

Grant, good tutorial. Keep 'em coming.

Some tips:

Don't be afraid to go off script and just wing it. If you screw up, it just gives your video more character.

Pull your mic back slightly, it was clipping a bit and made it hard to listen to with headphones. Turn it back up in software if it is too low.

Phantom said...

Kudos for pointing out the advantages of effects crated from scratch ove filters. I'll admit to being a Magic Bullet junkie, but the technique you used in this tutorial where you applied an effect to the lower half to avod the sky was brilliant, and something I woild not have thought of. Learnning the techniques teaches us to be authentic Video Artists. Filters alone put us on par with the amateurs.

Anonymous said...

Gracias hombre

Eelke Dekker said...

Came across your tutorial, and was very surprised. I was getting a bit tired of the Videocopilot tutorials, since (although very inspiring and profi) they much rely on the same techniques. You showed some cool new tricks and fresh shortcuts Andrew never uses. Also your tutorials have a lot of speed, enough anyway to not get bored..

Nate Biehl said...

That box blur is magic. Great tutorial.

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